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Best Web Hosting providers 2013

To the right you can find a list with our most popular web hosting plans. Regardless of hosting category if you sign up with any of these web hosts you can rest assure that you will get hosting of the outmost webhosting quality and also the best hosting coupons such as hostgator coupon.


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  • Best Hosting Supplier 2012
  • Great support




  • Great service
  • Very simple to get started




  • Easy control panel
  • Unlimited sites & e-mails




  • Great Support
  • Simple setup




  • Free domain name
  • Unlimited disk



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Which webhosting service is right for you?

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Web Hostings - About Us

We are a group of well experienced website owners who tried most of the hosting companies out there. During our time we came across many good hosting companies as well as many not so good. With this experience we decided to join forces and share our experience with other website owners so we created a website that would rank the good hosting companies as well as the not so good ones.

We have gathered free web hosting reviews which will give you all needed information to find the right hosting for your sites. We offer you in depth reviews from the top hosting sites as well as free tech articles to help you along the road

Our Guarantee

Thanks to the thousands of vistors we receive daily we have been able to negotiate the best deals with the top hosting providers. This will mean that signing up thru will not only assure you using one of the top suppliers it will also give you the lowest price available for your hosting.

Different Types of Web Hosting Services

There are many different types of web hosting companies on the market. To pick one of these, it mostly depends on what purpose you are planning to use for the hosting e.g. is it for a blog, is it for a e-commerce or will it be a site filled with videos and other content? The most common web hosting are for example: shared, free, and dedicated hosting. The free web hosting gives you a solid hosting to use for your site, however your will also have ad banners placed by the hosting company and possibly other companies as well. The other hosting plans will offer top notch support, unlimited bandwidth as well as unlimited E-mail, this will then come to a small monthly cost.

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"Thanks Web Hostings for the great reviews and for helping me picking the absolute correct web hosting for my sites! Thanks! Nick, North Carolina"


I signed up with thru this website and I can´t say anything else that I am super satisfied with my choose and the great benefits I received going thru you guys. I really appreciate the support and the help.

Alex, London


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